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Lea Hart Strung out in a Straitjacket


14 Minute Video


Miss Lea Hart is a willing partner in trying out Missy Minks new jacket…only this “jacket” is a straitjacket!

Lea, wearing sheer black stockings, panties and bra, is immediately made topless by Missy. Lea’s perky tits are soon covered by the straitjacket and Missy straps her in. Arms crossed, with straps between her legs, Lea is then made to sit down, and Missy finishes strapping her in and then pulls off her heels and straps a gag into her mouth. Lea’s shapely legs are then strung up into the air!
Once Missy has Lea all tied up, she
then leaves her alone to struggle…good luck Lea…it’s a rare bird that escapes Missy’s work!