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Juliette’s New Toy


15 Minute Video


Ingrid Mouth is relaxing on her bed when Juliette March strolls in with her bag of tricks! It’s rope and boy does Juliette have something in mind for Ingrid!
Asking for permission to tie her up, Ingrid mistakenly agrees…and that’s when the fun begins!
Bound at the wrists, Juliette commands Ingrid to lie down and ties her hands to the headboard. After a hard spank on Ingrid’s ass, Juliette then proceeds to frogtie one of Ingrid’s legs, then cuffs the other ankle to the bedpost! It’s a precarious position for Ingrid as she’s now bound and helpless!
More spankings ensue, each one harder than the previous as Ingrid’s hot little ass starts to turn bright red. But that’s not all Juliette has in store for Ingrid. Soon the hitachi is out and it’s one screaming orgasm after another as Juliette just doesn’t want to stop when she’s in control!