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Rude Awakening


10 Minute Video


Cheyenne Jewel gets a rude awakening in panties, bra and stockings! Missy Minks and Juliette March carefully tie on rope wrist cuffs and just as they cinch them up, Cheyenne gets up and boy is she pissed! Cheyenne tries to tell the girls she doesn’t want to play, but Missy assures her telling her they’ll “be nice”. Right! Soon the ankle cuffs are on too, and now Cheyenne is stuck, but still she’s complaining! Missy and Juliette, wearing cute panty and bra outfits, soon start to tickle Cheyenne and even rip her stockings to get to Cheyenne’s bare, sensitive feet! Cheyenne is teased mercilessly and seems to have had enough when Juliette sits on her and pulls out the even more tortuous Hitachi Magic Wand Finally Cheyenne starts giggling and after the girls make her cum, she then demands to be untied! Oh my, how ungrateful!