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Hogtied Hooded Rachel Adams Attempts Impossible Escape


11 Minute Video


Rachel is up for the escape challenge card game, and she draws leather cuffs hogtie and head harness and hood for her bondage set-up. Her goal is to get free in ten minutes. Dressed in a lacy purple halter and matching leggings, her sight is totally in the dark thanks to the hood. A red ball gag prevents intelligible talking too, so she keeps silent. Barefoot with ankles cuffed as tightly as her wrists and arms, the sounds of the chain and buckles connecting the hogtie mix with the leathery rasp of the cuffs. Rachel is really in a tough predicament but gives it her all to break out. Time ticks by but her progress is slight. Ah, finally she’s able to get her hands free, but how is she ever going to do the same for her whole arms? And what about those little padlocks on the cuffs? Her toes curl as she keeps giving it a valiant try…