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Ruby Tied and Teased by Serena


7 Minute Video


Ruby Angel is a petite, raven haired hottie and we love serving her up for our toppy models, like Serena Blair! Serena is one petite toppy babe, too!
First we dress Ruby in knee high boots, black bra and panties, gagged. Then we put her on the floor with her hand tied behind her back, and ropes tied off to her boots. She’s not going anywhere…and that’s exactly what Serena likes!
Stepping onto set, Serena wants to play with her pet. Pulling Ruby’s bra down, Serena pinches her nipples, pulls her panties down, too and spanks her bottom! The loud thwacking sound tells us these are no light spanks! But it’s not all pain as Serena has a treat in store for her little fuck toy…a hitachi!
Placing the vibrating pleasure toy on Ruby’s crotch, Serena soon has Ruby begging for release. The shear panties Ruby is wearing offer no protection from the heavy friction of this powerful toy. When she can take no more and orgasm is imminent, Ruby thinks her reward is at hand…but Serena doesn’t think so, and Serena is in charge!
Left to struggle, at the peak of being ready to orgasm, Ruby is one sad little pet, struggling alone….