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Sheena Straitjacketed on Sybian


9 Minute Video


Sheena Rose sits in total vulnerability, secured with thick black leather straps on the Sybian, her arms snug in a straitjacket, her face under a black harness ball gag. The vibrating saddle goes on and is so powerful in its loud thrumming that it immediately gets Sheena talking to herself as it puts her shaved pussy into hyperdrive. Her almost crazed eyes squeeze and roll back behind the straps of the harness, and her nostrils flare as the Sybian throbs against her core. She moans and sighs and cries and then finally we can make out what she’s saying: “It’s good, it’s so fucking good! I came! I came! Thank you!” Laughing to herself, drooling under the harness gag, she clearly won’t get off that saddle until every last orgasm is drained out!