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Rachel Bound Inescapably With Straps In Ratchet Hogtie


8 Minute Video


Certainly even Houdini would have been hard-pressed to elude the bondage predicament Rachel Adams finds herself in. Trussed up in pink straps tight against her bodysuit-sheathed form, her legs both frog tied and ratchet hogtied, she writhes on the carpet, her pink-manicured fingers fluttering and her bare feet twisting in futile defiance of her dilemma. As she moves onto her back, we see through the bodysuit the outline of a nipple, which makes her seem all the more vulnerable. Our FP camera observes her closely from every possible angle, standing above her masterfully and only a minute later getting right down on floor level where we can study her desperate face, her lips stuffed with the pink ball gag. The straps press deeply between her thighs even as she sighs and moans in her struggle. Her long brown hair puddles like a spilled bottle of wine against the rug…truly, Rachel is trapped and the dream of escape is an impossible one!