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Lydia Watches Megan Jones Helpless in Straitjacket


8 Minute Video


Megan Jones wanted to be restrained so that she couldn’t get out, put in something snug, but the straitjacket into which Lydia Black places her far exceeds Megan’s expectations! So Megan is whining a little, saying, “I’m only trying this because you wanted to try it, Miss Kinky,” and wondering what Lydia will do to her next. Sitting there in her tight fashionably frayed blue jeans, and barefoot to boot, Megan looks pretty hot as she struggles to get up when Lydia has her roll over on her tummy. To add snugness, Lydia frogties Megan’s legs with black leather straps. The straitjacket straps press against Megan’s crotch, adding some titillation there for Megan. Then it’s time for a squishy ball gag attached with black tape that really gets Megan’s eyes popping. Megan manages to free one of her legs, but she’s still pretty helpless, and Lydia leaves her half-kneeling on her belly, then squirming around onto her back in complete bondage futility.