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Hobble Straitjacket Escape


7 Minute Video


We open on Krysta Kaos as she writhes and rolls on the floor in an empty warehouse, clad in blue full-body hobble straitjacket that leaves only her feet bare. Her face is covered in a gray half-mask that only reveals her eyes, nose, forehead, and a bit of her red hair. Of course her hands are trapped in the arms of the garment. It’s quite a challenge she faces, escaping from this get-up. The sounds of her struggle, of her body against the floor and her arms tugging against the material, provide the only soundtrack besides her labored breathing…

But Krysta uses her ingenuity, working at undoing a center strap. Lifting up her legs to do so, she looks like a pinup girl as this is a classic pose in cheesecake art—although there the girls are usually less clothed, and not in bondage! Putting her bare soles on the floor for a moment, she rests from her exertions, then resumes; finally managing to free her arms from the confining position across her torso. Sitting up on her haunches, she undoes the straps, and working with her fingers through the loosened arms of the straitjacket, finally manages to overcome the exhaustion of her ordeal to pull off the straitjacket and the long winding gray mask. Then, panting, the tattooed redhead crawls away free!