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Wish You Were Here


15 Minute Video


Two barefoot babes, Ruby Angel and Missy Minks, wearing only panties and bras, are in the mood for playtime! Missy marches Ruby into her bedroom on a leash and Ruby’s cute panties read “Wish you were here”, on the bottoms. That’ an appropriate penning for this sexy clip!
Missy has Ruby sit atop the sybian and ties Ruby’s legs into a frogtie position. Then Missy puts on a full head harness gag to keep the pretty little Ruby as quiet as possible. That’s when the sybian gets turned on and Ruby is soon moaning in delight!
Unstrapping Ruby’s bra to unleash her perky tits, Missy teases her already hard nipples, driving Ruby into a frenzy as the sybian goes into a higher speed. Ruby’s hands are cuffed above so she’s helpless to escape!
Missy continues the taunting and teasing as she cuts off Ruby’s brand new bra and tosses it aside. As a final insult and sign of total control, Missy cuts off Ruby’s new panties and taking off the full harness gag, stuffs the soiled panties in Ruby’s mouth!
Hot, taunting, teasing action as Missy takes Ruby to a state of nakedness, chained and helpless to the orgasmic bliss from the sybnian…as we said…Wish You Were Here…