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Tied Down Tickling


11 Minute Video


Sheena Rose is spread eagle on the bed with her wrists and ankles cuffed and tied with rope bondage to the corners of the frame. Her perky friend Arielle Aquinas sits over her, running her fingers over Sheena’s vulnerable tummy, thighs, and knees…eliciting loads of laughter from the very ticklish Sheena, who writhes wildly, flexing bare toes. Those vulnerable tootsies capture Ariella’s attention, who sticks her fingers between them for yet more tickling. Then Arielle starts flicking at Sheena’s helpless armpits, eliciting more wild giggles, before deciding that the Hitachi wand can bring a whole new dimension of tickle torture into the situation. “Nobody has ever put a Hitachi on my foot! That is soooo bad!!” cries Sheena, but you get the feeling in this case “bad” means “very good” indeed. “Please, please stop you’re torturing me!” gasps Sheena, but happily for us, Arielle keeps up the hijinks with fingers and vibe both until the result is Sheena’s ultimate bondage orgasm!