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Straitjacket Escape Struggle


8 Minute Video


Pretty Juliette March looks distressed indeed as she drools over her ball gag, which is tightly fit into her lips with a leather face harness that accompanies a straitjacket and ankle cuffs to totally subdue her. As she sits helplessly bound on the floor, she tries to move her arms in the confining garment, but can only whimper at the hopelessness of it all. Her striking high heel ankle boots, normally symbolic of a woman’s power, are only the ornaments of her bondage predicament in her fruitless escape struggle! Watch Juliette pant and groan in her impotence as she bites down on the gag and tries to stand up, for all the good that will do. She writhes her arms in utter rage and starts to sob, as if begging the gods of bondage to give her a break already! Finally standing, she moves to the wall, but that is useless too as you’ll see in this intense Fetish Pros scene, because only moments later she’s hog tied on her stomach and back on the floor, whining as she turns over and over and we see the signs of her struggle in the runs in her pantyhose and the frustration in her eyes…