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Spandex Disco Chicks


13 Minute Video


Dolly Leigh, Missy Minks and Barbary Rose take spandex to a whole new level of sexy!
First we frog tie Barbary while wearing a cute bra and silver spandex pants. Her arms are tied behind her back and strapped to a belt harness. Gagged with a cool doggy bone gag we found online, and her hair back in pigtails, Barbary is looking sexy struggling on the floor.
In come Dolly and Missy. Missy is wearing short black spandex shorts, with a white shirt, black heels and her ass cheeks are busting out of these sexy shorts. Damn! Next is Dolly, wearing bright red spandex pants, with a midriff baring black top and barefoot. She’s looking good enough to bite (seriously, our crew had to chill…haha!).
With Barbary in the compromised position, our naturally toppy girls go to work and put Barbary through their paces. First it’s tickling, then it’s teasing and always, always it’s taunting!
Missy hates when another girl is dressed cute, so she opt so cut off Barbary’s bra as soon as she’s on set. She want’s those perky pierced nipples exposed and Missy goes right to work pinching and teasing those sexy nipples!
Dolly chimes like the sassy lass we know and soon both girls are spanking Barbary, teasing her with the hitachi and finally pulling her pants down just enough to get a good spanking and vibing in. Poor Barbary…or should we say, Lucky Barbary! It’s Spandex Disco time!