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Rubys First Hitachi Experience


28 Minute Video

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Once in awhile you run across a relatively new model who not only loves bondage, but who also doesn’t have all that much experience with this fun stuff. Ruby Angel is one such model and to think that FetishPros helped her experience her first time with a Hitachi only makes us want to blow on our fingernails and buff them on our chests…but then we also put this awesome event on film, so you’re welcome.
Ruby Angel, is tied on her back, spreadeagled. Wearing a matching bra and panty set, with stockings and garter, she’s only missing one thing…a full cover head bag, made of canvas!
Missy Minks is in control of the scene, and shortly after experiencing full sensation denial with the canvas head cover, Ruby begs for Missy to take it off. So of course, Missy takes the bag off, and boy does Missy look bored! Once Ruby is settled (and we shoot straight through the safe word call out), Missy gets right back to work!
Taunting, teasing and torturing, Missy Minks makes Ruby squirm even before she brings out the hitachi…and once the hitachi comes out, Ruby squirms with passion and pleasure as her eyes literally roll to the back of her head!