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Kyra Rose & Rocky Emerson


35 Minute Video


Kyra Rose wins the first draw, Rocky pulls the belt boxtie, and Kyra selects penis gag. Newbie Kyra tells Rocky to go first, and she keeps up a running commentary as the experienced Emerson drools wildly on the gag and struggles mightily in the get-up which keeps her hands buckled behind her back and frog ties her thighs to her ankles. Rocky has a hard time, but Kyra keeps chattering like a ringside announcer. When by the 7 minute mark Rocky is still not out of her restraints, Kyra is allowed to impede her. Still, although she doesn’t get completely out, Rocky does pretty well; but later, Kyra doesn’t get out at all! Rocky has her revenge in hampering her with the same moves Kyra used of holding buckles. Kyra, of course, gets banged as the loser, her ankles held apart and her wrists bound with rope doggystyle on the bondage bed. Although Kyra surely does enjoy getting Rocky’s strapon for her defeat!