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Cuffed, Spread Eagle Tease and Tickle


14 Minute Video


Naked Daisy Ducati is spread eagle, chained on her back to the floor by cuffs as Bianca Stone comes in to tease and tickle-torture her! Bianca scratches lightly at Daisy‚Äôs waist to get the girl laughing wildly as she tries to writhe away. But this is only the beginning, as Bianca brings over the massive Hitachi wand too even as she keeps getting in surprise tickles that make Daisy screech and twist against her inescapable restraints. Bianca reaches over to tease the Daisy soles and toes even as she presses the vibe tight on the Ducati pie. The hum is loud and Daisy starts to get hot until Bianca pulls the toy away to get in some more tickling. But then Bianca decides to sincerely focus on trying to give Daisy a bondage orgasm with the vibe…or does she?? To be tickled or to cum–that is the question! This is an epic tickle fest indeed!!