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Can I Borrow Your Bracelet


13 Minute Video


Missy Minks is almost ready for the evening. All she needs is to put on her dress and borrow that one cute bracelet that her roommate, Serena Blair has.
Knocking on Serena’s door, Missy just pushes the door open when Serena doesn’t answer. Going over to the nightstand, Missy finds the bracelet and one other type of “bracelet” that she’s curious about!
That “bracelet” is a pair of cuffs, joined by a long metal chain! Missy, ever curious, clamps the cuff around each ankle, then used the second pair to cuff her wrists to her ankles. Sounds like a fun time…until Missy realizes that she doesn’t have the key!
Fortunately Serena comes back and both are amused at the position Missy have put herself in. Serena offers to help, but her idea of “helping” is merely removing the cuffs and reattaching them to the headboard above!. Serena continues her fun and gags Missy, putting Missy into an even more vulnerable, but sexy position! Wearing garters, a matching bra and panty set, Missy is now on her back, with her panty clad pussy exposed. Serena knows just what she wants to to do and that involves a hitachi! Orgasm fun with two hot babes is what happens when one of them is cuffed in a precarious manner…thank goodness!