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Ball-Tied Bikini Vixen Calisa Bliss Writhes in Her Ropes


10 Minute Video


It’s clear that tan bikini-clad Calisa Bliss won’t go down without a fight! Was she strolling on her way to the hotel pool when some calculating scoundrel waylaid her?? Although he better watch out if this ultra-feisty vixen ever does get free, it’s clear for now she has a formidable opponent in whoever put her into this predicament. In a ball tie, her wrists and arms are rope-bound behind her, with rope that goes between her legs down to her ankles. Rocking helplessly on the carpet, Calisa’s big eyes look around like a true heroine’s for anything that might aid in her escape. Drooling from the huge white ball gag, her left leg is littered with saliva. She is so passionate that her groans and squeals almost sound like dialogue, and at one moment it looks like she might consider busting out of her ropes like Hercules–an idea she quickly, and sanely, abandons. But ponytail-tossing Calisa will never give up her struggle!